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Samsung Galaxy S10Features & Specifications:

Here Samsung Line of Galaxy has successfully completed ten years. A moment of proud isn’t? Though Galaxy S10 has already been out into the market but, Samsung is still innovating its galaxy line via offering some creative cum cool features. Such as, a funky look of screen, thinner bezels which makes the view more immersive.

So here we comes up with Samsung Galaxy S10 reviews, features & specs which can help you out to choose one from different latest smartphones. 

Samsung galaxy s10 Reviews

Spectacular Display

Addition to the above; through 6.4 inch screen of S10, you will view a more sharper and fantastic well defined color accuracy. Moreover, his large screen & stereo speakers sound would let you experience incredible and satisfying view of movies, like a home theater lay just right in to your pocket.

Samsung galaxy s10 Reviews

Not only this phone has taken an account of users experience and pleasure but, the matter of health is also taken in to account too. In Samsung Galaxy S10, exposure of blue light has been reduce approximately by 42 percent. As blue light can hinder and affect users night sleep as can prove to be a harmful thing for user’s health.


This phone has also brought the increased measures to secure one’s privacy. Unlike other smart phones, Galaxy S10 has come up with the inbuilt figure or thumb print sensor with smart technology which also offers anti-tricking unlike, traditional optical sensors. Though sensor feature will take some time to get use to by the users but it’s convenient so far.

The best part Samsung Galaxy S10is that, it still have headphone jack and a comfort to get the phone charged via USB cable port. More convenient!

Triple Camera:

One of the other changes, as compared to the released phone of Galaxy phone line is that it has triple camera. Other two cameras are same as the standard ones but, the third one is 16 mp ultra wide–angle lens with f/2.2 aperture, which is a WOW factor for group or landscape pictures.


Samsung Galaxy S10 is little expensive due to such extra ordinary features but. still the price of it is worth when we see those extravagant features. 

Battery Life: 

One more reason to go for Galaxy S10 is its 4100mAh battery. With light use the battery life can goes up to two days, and with aggressive use you can count the battery life for 12 hours approx. in addition to this, samsung s10 has also come up with the feature of wireless charging. Cool!


Bottom Line: 

It would not wrong to say the Galaxy S10 is a cool and smartest phone of 2019 release, and hence the premium is also seems to be reflected in price of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 plus. This phone has marked a history of the most expensive smart phone of Samsung’s line of “Galaxy”.


Performance64 Bit Octa Core
Display6.1 Inch QHD
Camera10 MP, Front/ 12 MP Rear
Fingerprint SensorYes
Facial Recognition
Screen6.1″ QHD+Dynamic AMOLED

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