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Best Wireless Earbuds 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

By John McKay | Published 28  March 2019

Do you love listening to music while working out? Probably, you had been using the wired headphones, which really gets in the way while working out in gym and running.  There are lots of Best Wireless Earbuds which could provide you ease in listening to music while working out, as they do not have wire to provoke. 

The Bluetooth headphones are taking the industry by storm; in addition to this, the music lovers are finding this way to conveniently enjoy any taste the music without any hassle.

Maybe a few years back, the Bluetooth headphones were not that great- the audio transmission standards were poor too and the battery was not up to the impressive marks.

But, now the Bluetooth headphones are the best way to get the favorite music in hand anytime. and that’s why there are lots of best wireless earbuds you can choose from and enjoy your music to another level. 

5 Best Wireless Earbuds To Buy In 2019

The innovation in battery world, development of aptX and improved wireless transmission standards has also given new blood to this world.

The problem is we do not know which brand stands out in this music world and offers improved audio features?

You have no need to freak out with the dozens of earbuds brands and hundreds of different products.

We are here with a list of best wireless earbuds which are the popular in the market.

This table list some of best wireless earbuds 2019

Product Name Weight (ounces)Battery life (hour) Customer Rating 
Jabra Elite 65t115[P_REVIEW]Check Price
Bose SoundSport Earbuds0.86[P_REVIEW]Check Price
Apple AirPods0.145[P_REVIEW]Check Price
SoundPEATS Earphones48[P_REVIEW]Check Price
LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones4.168[P_REVIEW]Check Price

1. Jabra Elite 65t – Best Sports Earbuds

Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are the true name of quality, reliability and outstanding performance. The Earbuds holds a compact andmature look with a strong wireless connection; this is a rare feature though in Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

Jabra 65t features a mature design, impeccable battery life, balanced sounds, handy controls and above all reliable and strong connection.

Check Price

The Earbuds are made of soft plastic but managed to feel like a premium expensive product on the list. They may not be as good looking as AirPod but produces almost the same results in the end.

You also customize your music using an application; the application comes for Android and iOS.

Best Thing About It

This exceptional earbud makes you control the music files as per your preferences and taste. You get different sets of controls with both of the earbuds.

The left Earbuds houses a volume controller, the long press will allow you to skip any file or jump at the next track. The right earbuds houses a single button, which helps you to answer the phone call, play music and activate the voice assistant when needed. You can also connect this earbuds with your laptops  if your laptop has bluetooth connectivity. 

 Charging of the headphones is sheer easy. Just put them to the case, they automatically turned off as you put them in the case, same like AirPod.

The earbuds also turned on automatically when you take them off from the case.

You can have this earbud along with you in long drives, they last at least five hours on constant music listening. In our tests, we found this exceeds the five hours limit at low to medium sound.

Using them on computers come with add-up benefits. You can make them block out tons so that you could listen to the favorite music without any external noise. Still, you got the controls to handle this feature, as most of the time, you also wanted to aware of the external surrounding.

  • Epitome of performance
  • Mature and sober design
  • Superb battery life
  • Balanced sound quality
  • Strong Bluetooth control
  • Advance options to control the music files
  • Limited water resistance
  • Slippery

2. Bose SoundSport Earbuds – Premium Quality

For athletes and sports geek, the music boosts their energy and makes them help to go through the difficult exercise easily. Moreover, or them Good sound is important but the more important would be the fitting, no one wants to gather the earbuds from the grounds after every five minutes during jumping and running.

For athletes, the criteria of wireless headphone requirements are somehow different than the normal earbuds. They sweat out days and days out and use something which fits the needs.

Check Price

For sports Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are the perfect grab.

At first glance, you might found these headphones bulky and bigger, especially when you compare them with Apple’s Airports. This bigger and bulky design makes them produce extra comfort and perfect fitting.

Why I Like It?

Bose SoundSport earbuds are advertised as sports Earbuds and feature StayHear+ Sport ear tips with soft and durable rubber, they withstand the wear and tear and are water sweat resistant.

StayHear+ Sport ear tips what Bose has decided to include in the Sound Sport Line-up entirely unique and comfortable in design.

They are designed in a way that you will not feel any extra pressure what we use to get by using the other exercise earbuds. They are made to wear for a longer period of time, with little to no fatigue.

The earbuds weigh almost 0.8 ounces, they look heavy, and you get no such feeling while using them and wearing them.

The battery in these headphones is average, not impeccable. Though Bose claims almost 6 hours battery, in actual usage we found this struggling this mentioned time span.

They are made for sports usage, you get greater build quality and compact fitting, the sound quality is good with the affordable price range.

  • High Quality
  • Great build quality and fitting
  • Water sweat proof
  • Solid sound with decent base
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • The absence of advanced controls
  • Average software support

3. Apple AirPods – With Charging Cable

One of the biggest and most famed brands of smartphone world Apple always has something to astonish the world. The Apple AirPod as well, the first fully wireless earphones and the best companion for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 which do not have the headphone socket.

In many ways, I would say, they stand heads and shoulder above the rest of the brands in the music gadget departments. They come with a rock-solid connection, easy to use setup, impressive battery life and above all sturdy built quality. Though, the limited fit EarBuds may not fall right on your criteria of listening to the music and expensive as well.

Check Price

For most of the people, the design of Apple’s AirPod was disgusting. As they look like someone took the scissors and cut down the wires of the headphones. From the face side, they look amazing, but for a few weeks, the brand has to face severe amount of criticism due to the design.

What to Look For in Wireless Earbuds?

In any Wireless Earbuds, my biggest concern has always been fitting. For me, they are perfect in fit and refuse to fall out when I shake my head.

But, leave it all aside; do you want a Wireless Earbuds just because it looks cool?

Seriously not, we have them to enjoy the pure experience of listing to the music, and here in this department, you would not bother at all.

You can connect your AirPod with the iPad and MacBook or Apple watch using the iCloud account. You get a strong connection of audio and they never seem to drop for using it even weeks long. Battery life is one of the hallmarks of Apple’s product. You surely rely on them for longer music sessions, even for 6-7 hours continuous. You get a charging case, where you can get them fully charge just by putting them in the case.

  • Impressive Bluetooth connection
  • Great battery life and charging case
  • W1 chip integrated is the future of wireless headphones
  • The sound quality could have been improved

4. SoundPEATS Earphones – Editor’s Choice

The definition of right earphones varies from person to person. Same love inclined towards comfort and some prioritizes exaggerated base. But, having a good combination of both would stand out, like the way SoundPeats Bluetooth Earphones. You get a nicely designed zipper carrying case, with micro USB charging, three wing tips, and the sound peaks Engine wireless Earphones.


Check Price

Best Thing About SoundPeasts Earphones:

Comfort of this earphone cannot be explained. The comfort department, the extent I could see, about all leading earphones and Earbuds brands lacks. This is one of the most comfort Earbuds you get for a longer period of time. After a few hours of wearing it, you go unnoticed with the weight of it. What I found frustrating in this earphones, they do not fit my ears. They fall out with a little shaky head and one cannot go with them for running and exercising. Nothing can agitate more than an earphone what falls out and refuse to stick to the ears.

The sound quality as well could have been improved. This earphone what I could diagnose cut down the higher and lower frequencies sounds more like a radio.

The range of the price rally the biggest edge of this earphone, you get average sound quality in this cheap range.

Last but not the least, battery life of this wireless earbud is impressive, as per the SoundPeats claims this should long last at least 6 hours, which actually does not. This can endure 4-5 hours of continuous listening to the songs on low to average volume.

  • Affordable price range
  • Relatively comfortable
  • Sober-looking design
  • Nice add-up of accessories
  • The sound quality sucks
  • Could use more midst frequencies

5. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones – Amazon Choice

The sports or athletes headphones are taking new leaps in Ear pods world. You see all brands are just coming up to fill the market with their respective wireless headphones Earbuds. You can have various sizes and designs headphones in the range of $20-$30.

Best Thing About Letcom:

Letscome Bluetooth headphones are one of the finest tuned sports headphones you can find. They are in-ear EarBuds, with one ear side hook design. They are designed to produce redundant sticking necessary to hold the buds inside the ears. Whenever we see an inexpensive Earbud we see the company has to cut the price off by dropping some features or sacrificing the overall quality. Here this is not the scene- they came with fewer features, but all are up to the impressive marks.


Check Price

The Letscome Bluetooth headphones are crafted with an IPX7 certification; this is the highest waterproof rating holder you can find in any earphones.

What I Like The Most? 

They are water and sweat proof, even you can have them submersion in water at certain feet and they will go unaffected. You get nice controls with these earbuds. On the top of the right earbud, you see command console. From this part, you got control of almost all features these earbuds own.

The rise and low volume buttons serve the other functions as well, they can be used to skip and pause the playing.

Finding comfort by wearing earphones cannot be garnered. But, with LETSCOME Bluetooth you see the design has been made in a way that it fits every ear without zero hiccups.

LETSCOME Bluetooth is produced to outperform other headphones in the range. They house 11 mm audio driver which are backed by CSR Chip, the duo generates the amazing audio.

The earphones are made of 100mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery, which allows them to take the juice for at least six to seven hours.

But, in actual the battery life could have been improved, this might be the only downside of this LETSCOME offering.

  • Affordable price range
  • Impressive fitting and compact design
  • Sturdy built-in
  • Super Audio quality
  • The battery life could have been enhanced
  • The plastic does not with stand wear tear

The Final Thought

Bluetooth Earbuds and earphones are the future of headphones. They are getting better and better with the advancement of technology. We have seen a rapid fix in the audio quality and Bluetooth signal strength.

This is the list of top five Wireless Earbuds what we find the best products under the asked price range. Firstly, we read reviews, beloved ratings and thoroughly checked each benchmark of the mentioned products. Secondly, we ensure you that in at our extent; we really worked hard in coming up with these names. If you see some other products could make up to the list and deserves the place, feel free to tell us. We will happily edit the list, and love to include the deserved product.

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