Best Wireless Charger 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

By John Albert | Published 01  Feb 2019

Gone are the days when we had to use traditional wired-chargers to juice up our mobile phones. Yes, the traditional chargers are the fastest ways to get the phone charged. But, it sometimes becomes difficult to manage the electricity chord or sometimes the wire just not getting connected due to inevitable reasons.

You can say we always look for the best and modern ways to purchase anything in any walk of life. When you got the option to opt with wireless smartphone chargers in 2019, why you still go after traditional wired-chargers?

I was super-excited to witness the wireless chargers physically, as I had watched the 2017 Apple event live. Apple disclosed very first time the wireless charging of the Apple devices and I was just waiting to get hands on them.

The first generation of the Wireless chargers was not that great. The charging was too slow to handle with annoying LED lights. This was the first generation and we are heading towards more better and quality options.

Various top-leading brands have already come-up exceptionally well-built user friendly wireless chargers already.

If you are also looking for the best wireless chargers in 2019 to juice up the phone, we have made a list of best available in the market.

5 Best Wireless Charger To Buy In 2019

This is just not the smartphone charger but every industry of the world is getting rid of the wires. Wires are a mess and we sometimes get them tangled in a way that entire concept and gadgetry ruined. You might have seen the biggest brands of the world switching to the wireless devices. Let’s see the top wireless charger to use in 2019.

This table list some of best wireless charger 2019

Device NameAC Adapter IncludedMax Output (Watt)Qi Certified 
YooTech Wireless ChargerNo7.5YesCheck Price
Nanami Charging StandNo10YesCheck Price
Kuppet Charging PadNo9NoCheck Price
Anker Wireless ChargerNo5YesCheck Price
Samsung Wireless ChargerNo5YesCheck Price

1. YooTech Wireless Charger – Qi Certified

Do you want to purchase an affordable wireless charger which could easily charge various mobile phone models? Then you are at the right product, YooTech wireless charger are something very affordable with splendid features to cater to the needs of every phone such as Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel and iPhone.

The thickness of the charger is about 0.47 with an intelligent feature to control the temperatures and indicators

Check Price

The indicators sometimes get at the level of annoyed as it starts blinking if there are metal things around in the area of the chargers. The unnecessary bloopers and indications ruin most of the experience but sometimes get handy.

It blinks when the phone is charged completely.

Best Feature About It

The best thing of this wireless charger would be the charging with at least 4mm thickness. We have tested this feature in actual and found this can even charge the phone up to 5 mm thickness. Other rival brands were just stuck at 2 mm case thickness and for using them you will have to wear off the case every time you put on the charging puck.

This wireless charge comes with a sleep-friendly feature. I have seen chargers with annoying beeps and just lit up the entire up every time. They are too bright and too loud to handle in sleeping. We have not seen any such issue in YooTech product.

The LED flashlight remains lit for 3 seconds, and if the charger is connected right and charging the LED light will remain lit for 15 seconds.

  • The best indicator which tells you whether the phone is charging or not
  • The phone gets charged with the case on up to 4 mm thickness
  • Best temperature controller
  • This charger charges at about 10-watts
  • It charges the different phone at the different rates
  • Sleep-friendly
  • The design is not ergonomic

2. Nanami Charging Stand – Ergonomic Design

I have always found myself tilting towards charging stands due to more than one reason. They are more ergonomic and easy to use compare to the pucks what I most of the time do not prefer to purchase. Still, if you could grab the fastest charging puck with a good brand name on the chest, I can think about it.

I loved the two charging modes of this Nanami offering. They have not clearly mentioned the speed but the two has offered to cater to the needs of the Android and iPhone. In Android, you can say Samsung Galaxy latest model iPhone X in case of iPhone.

Check Price

You can say the charging for the iPhone will be at the speed somewhere 10-watts and for the Galaxy, I am not quite sure, it would be around 5-7 watts.

This is very efficient charging stand you must consider purchasing it if you really want to have something effective and good looking.

Best Thing About It

Yes, it comes with a stand, what comes with its own benefits and harms. The charging stands always lured me as I am able to put my phone in any direction wanted. The stand detects the phone position and charges it the way it is placed.

This wireless charging stands also helps you to get the juiced filled up with the case on up to 5 mm. If you are very conscious about the thickness of the case and always love to put-on heavy cases, you will have to wear it off before placing for the charging on the stand.

The LED indicators show you something meaningful with the color of the LED. If the phone is on standby mode the stand will convey it showing a solid blue color. For the mobile phone is not charging it will show a normal blue color and indicate it for one second.

  • Ergonomic design stand
  • The charging thickness goes up to 5 mm
  • It comes with the charging coils which detects the position of the phone and charge accordingly
  • Meaningful LED lights
  • You cannot use it for various smartphone charging
  • The charging is a little slower than expected.

3. Kuppet Charging Pad2-in-1 

If you are really planning long-trips and want something subtle with comfort, you must count the Kuppet front-runner wireless charging pads. This is the hands-down option to maintain the subtle connection to the outer world whether you are traveling in trains, bus or on the plane.

This product comes with simulations support to more than one mobile phone due to its design and 2-in-1 charger and power bank. The charger can juice up-to 3 mobile phone at one time due to multiple inputs.

Check Price

This is the most powerful charger without a single shadow of doubt and really fast in charging the phone at the fullest throttle. There are very few wireless chargers which could live up to this level of performance.

Kuppet itself is very proudly about its performance and this can boost the total capacity of 20,000 mAh in a single shot.

I really love the lightweight design of the wireless charger as they are easy to transport and one can carry them along without any weight hiccup. I have seen chargers cutting the price off just by putting the lots of weight and not living the expectations of the users just because of some bucks benefits.

The Kuppet folks put the close eyes on the designs and the weight of the product as they already know why people prefer the wireless chargers.

This product is certainly complaint the all Wireless charging safety standards and is certified to charge QI, FCC and CE.

  • You can have more than one color for the wireless charging pad
  • Fast wireless charging
  • USB charger
  • You can charge the device and power bank at the same time
  • Poor connection
  • Instantly catches fire after connecting
  • Display battery life in quarters.

4. Anker Wireless Charger – Amazon’s Choice

Anker should not be a new name for us. This is one of the leading brands producing mobile phone accessories and wreaking havoc in many departments such as wireless charging. You can rely this product on for fast charging and it comes in the affordable price range as well. This is among the products which do not cost your arms and legs with a bundle of advanced features.

This is simple in looking but effective in performance charging pad which gets the job done without being much flashy.

Check Price

You need to acknowledge this is a 5-watt charger and the company itself advertisers this as five-watt chargers but they also claimed that this outperforms other five-watt charging in an actual battleground.

This could get the job done when you want to put the phone on charge while sleeping. The LED lights would not disturb your sleeping patterns and you see less light in the room while having it on.

What I Like The Most? 

The charging stand offered by Anker is also compatible for Nokia Lumia phone series, Samsung phones, and iPhones as well. This is quite an impressive charger with minimal features but in the affordable price range.

  • Good design
  • Can fill the bills for various phones
  • Certified wireless chargers meet the safety standards
  • A slow charger

5. Samsung Wireless Charger – US Version

I think the list was incomplete and there was some kind of space to be filled in. Yes, we cannot complete the list of wireless chargers without one of the pioneers of wireless chargers. The charger is the epitome of best wireless chargers and little pricier than the rivals, and it should be. The famous brand just came up with another extraordinary mobile phone accessory.

You might be mulling that the brand is Samsung, so ideally it would offer to charge for Samsung mobile phones?

Check Price

No, this is not the case…!

The charger produces juice for QI-compatible mobile phones and the list should come in your mind with the name of Qi-compatible. You can have it for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X.

The design is something out of the box; words would not do the job in defining its beauty and versatility. This is a mix of the puck and stands and fills the bills quite impressively.

When I first decided to test this wireless charger I was a little worried about its design. I was worried either the charger would allow me to place the phone in any direction or it will stick to one specific placement like most of the wireless chargers are. Luckily, my fear was gone when I had this to use for Samsung phone and placed it in any direction and it started working.

I also loved the fan placement in the charging stand, you will have the temperature problem solved using the fan indulging into it. Samsung has done a great job in thinking about the temperature issue what most of the brands lack.

The charging rate of the Samsung wireless charging is amazing. The charging rate mentioned by the company lies at 9 watts but the charging speed is something sky-rocketing. I do not know which mechanism they adopted to get this crafted but it seems like charging at 14 watts.

The LED lights also a great add-on. This will not divert your attention from your doings, the faint LED light will glow to inform you about the charging status.

In case of the mobile phone cases, I was expecting the limit up to 5 mm from the charger. This will be the only downside of the charger that it offers the 2 mm thickness to mobile cases.

  • Fastest charging speed
  • Impress design
  • Fan placement at the back to cope with heat issues
  • Two-coils to detect the orientation of the phone and switch the charging accordingly
  • Case unfriendliness
  • Heavy price range

The Final Thought:

Wireless chargers are the future of smartphone charging. There is some issue what the industry is looking forward to solving, and it is expected that in some years all will be solved. You also need to switch to Wireless chargers as they are user-friendly and you do not handle the lots of wires around.

This list of the top five best wireless chargers can help you in finding the best in the asked price range. Just have a birds-eye-view of the products and decide which one falls right on your criteria of wireless chargers.

If you ask about the list, we can assure you; the list has been compiled after great researches. We read the reviews, check the ratings and after seeing a specific product coming right on the criteria, paced it into the list.

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