Best Smart Watches 2019 -Buyer’s Guide

By John Morison | Published 17  March 2019

Best Smartwatches 2019

Smartwatches are the finest mobile phone accessory in today’s time. This wearable keeps tracks of your all-day-long schedule and allows you to make a phone call with your voice. You can browse on the internet anything in a meeting room without attracting any eye-ball, just using your voice and staring at your watch. People in the meeting room would think you are staring at the watch to tell time.

Other than just showcasing aesthetic and stunning looks, smartwatches also track your GPS locations and monitor your heart-rate. For heart-patience, it will be ideal to wear a smartwatch to constantly monitor the heart-rate.

5 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2019

Apple Watch Series 3

Amazfit Bip Smartwatch 

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Fitbit Ionic Watch

Samsung Sport Smartwatch 

So, if you are desired to purchase a stunning looking smartwatch with dozens of important features to help you manage your time, we are here to help you out.

Today’s manufacturer is pushing better and better to bring-forth splendid smartwatches. Just have a birds-eye-view of the enlisted watches and see what falls right on your criteria of the top smartwatches in 2019.

1. Apple Series 3 – With Aluminium Case

Apple the biggest company on the face of the earth- the first company ever to touch one trillion dollar worth, needs no introduction. Although, this was not Apple who introduced the smartwatches concept, Apple leaving no stone unturned to put the smartwatches in the mainstream.

Apple’s products always add great value and easiness to the user’s lives. This smartwatch series 3 has something unique and out of the box that the rival cannot provide.

Apple watches’ consistency is something we must value. From the first ever smartwatch to the latest series 4 watch, we have seen the way the brand managed to bring forth the finest creatures. 

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This latest generation series 3 watch is no different from the ancestors. It looks almost the same, the unboxing is identical, but features and new functions have been added to offer a splendid experience.

The journey what was started from the first watch, with Apple Series 3, it is becoming better and better.

Best Thing About It

Apple Series 3 smartwatch showcase a stunning display. You will be blown away with the gorgeous OLED display and the amount of brightness this smartwatch brings.

The fitness tracking apps are on its maximum and keep tracks of your health altogether. The watch embedded a GPS tracker, which allows you to easily track your activities without any single hiccup.

The battery life of this latest Apple offering is almost the same. You get 3-4 days of battery in a single full charge. The interface designed by the Apple team is awesome; the designing team has done a fantastic job.

If you are the one who really looking forward to enjoying a stunning smartwatch experience, Apple series 3 smartwatch is one stop shop.

 You may say the look is almost the same as the old watch, yes. But, the look must be a subjective aspect, and the older look is many chords better than the rivals.

  • Impeccable display
  • Impressive battery life
  • Embedded with tons of useful features
  • Features splendid health tracks
  • The look is similar to the original

2. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch(A1608 Black)

Amazfit is one of the best companies in the world manufacturing the user-friendly smartwatches. Not only their watches but other accessories have always been up to the impressive criteria. Amazfit BIP smartwatch is the latest offering of this company, and you will be blown away from the product’s manufacturing and other aesthetic features.

Amazfit has been quite successful in manufacturing a stunning look product. The look of this smartwatch is more like a high-ended smartwatch. The brand did use high-end components and materials to manufacture the finest creature in the smartwatches world. The build quality, the display, interface everything is just fine-tuned by the brand.

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The watch is carrying a splendid design, quite a blend of classy and flesh look.

The BIP is completely comfortable, you have no need to take it off while doing something practical, in fact, you will notice the weight of it on your wrist. 

Why I Like It?

This smartwatch features 4 sports mode, heart monitoring, automatic activity tracking, and daily goal achievement.

You just record your everyday schedule using your voice, and this will keep track of your day-long schedule and notifies you.

For a tidiness freak, this is more than a watch. This watch packs smart features which will help you to become productive and organized.

The watch’s case is lightweight and you barely feel the weight on the right, it is made of polycarbonate which means it withstands plenty amount of wear and tear

The BIP also comes in a wide range of colors. You are going to choose in between four colors, black, gray, green and orange. The black model easily integrates with every outfit and you can have it wearing an official gathering and meeting etc.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • The soft band fits all wrists quite easily
  • GPS, heart rate monitoring
  • Fitness tracking at a reasonable price
  • Transflective color range
  • Heart and step measurements are poor
  • Low-resolution graphics
  • Cannot respond to notifications

3. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch – (S & L Bands Included)

If you are a fitness guy and love use tech related to fitness, you would know the FitBit brand name. This brand is one of the world-famed names in fitness tracking track. Fitbit never went nearer to the smartwatches until 2017. This was the time when smartwatches became the new trend among teenagers and about 17% of teenagers in the USA were wearing the latest generation wearables.

The brand has now released two new smartwatches and put the door into the door of smartwatches world, the highly-competitive. But, we want to add the smartwatch what lured us the most and it was released back in 2018.

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This smartwatch comes with a plethora of features and mind-blowing interface. This is one of the finest pieces of wearable a fitness geek can ever have. You see this is a smaller in size watch compare to the counterparts, and it renders 2.5GB of storage for music.

The latest offering of the Fitbit comes with stunning battery life. In one charge the battery can surpass almost 4 days without any single blink.

This beautifully looking little creature comes with GPS for tracking your running and monitors your heartbeat and calories you spend in an entire day-long.

The style and the design of the watch may not display a premium look, the way most of the other smartwatches do, but it is affordable and falls right for a fitness geek.

It comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connecting and goes the capability to track your schedule and notifies every single detail you want to have on your screen.

You see for the Versa, Fitbit not only updated the design but the entire look. It is completely a fresh look watch and resembles more like an Apple series watch.

The Versa’s display is vibrant, colorful the touchscreen features brightness up to 1000 nits. This means that even in the direct sunlight and underwater, the display will tell you the exact time and the face of the watch will be visible.

The touch-command seems to be improved; the older one was suffering from the latency which has been removed in the latest offering. 

  • Lightweight design
  • The finest customizable wearable you see
  • Low price
  • The rounded design just does not fill the bill for everyone
  • Poor battery life

4. Firbit Iconic Smartwatch – Best Reviews

Fitbit is a famed name in fitness tracking world. The name has become synonymous with fitness and fitness tracking. This was not until 2018 when the company decided to dive into the world of smartwatches. Now, we finally have to see the FitBit first every smartwatch with the name FitBit Iconic smartwatch.

The company has used its fitness know-how with the smarts such as Pebble and other companies.

The iconic offers the same range of features and alternatives as to the Apple series watches.

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This is a serious contender of the smartwatches you wear when you hit the gym or going on the run. Now, it has been witnessed a shoulder-to-shoulder competition between Apple’s series 3 and Iconic. 

After hitting the smartwatches world with such impressive designed smartwatches, Fitbit also introduced other smaller and affordable range of smartwatches such as Fitbit Versa. If you are planning to purchase something brandy in less-range of price, Versa could be a better option than locally designed smartwatches.

The wearable is aluminum build and lighter than most of the watches manufactured by rivals. The leather and plastic bands are easy to swap out and you can change them within seconds.

This is without a single shadow of a doubt the finest fit on the wrist smartwatch. This is a perfect fit for every use and comfortable to wear even when you are using a computer and hitting the keyboard like a coder.

This is a waterproof model, and one can have it while swimming or taking a shower while taking swimming classes and tracking your activity in a pool.

You see the hardware button the left side and two on the right side to enable you to move around the user interface of the watch and witness anything available on the screen.

The display on the full-color screen is rectangular, unlike most of the rounded or square watches we use to see belongs to Apple and other Android Wear watches.

The Fitbit front-runner features a good battery life. In a single charge, you can expect it running at least four days and in our tests, it lasts long more than 4 days.

This is a waterproof model, and one can have it while swimming or taking a shower while taking swimming classes and tracking your activity in a pool.

You see the hardware button the left side and two on the right side to enable you to move around the user interface of the watch and witness anything available on the screen.

The display on the full-color screen is rectangular, unlike most of the rounded or square watches we use to see belongs to Apple and other Android Wear watches.

The Fitbit front-runner features a good battery life. In a single charge, you can expect it running at least four days and in our tests, it lasts long more than 4 days.

  • Lightweight and completely comfortable for fitness tracking
  • Solid companion for exercising including swimming
  • Gorgeous bigger screen size with a great display
  • Impressive battery life
  • Shortage of apps
  • Slow OS
  • Quick release strap quality control

5. Samsung  Sports Smartwatch – Amazon’s Choice

Smartwatches are considered the best piece to showcase a decent style. Samsung the biggest smartphone brand around the world has done a fantastic job of blending design and fitness. This Samsung Gear Sports smartwatch compact with a great range of features and tech display a light design is a fantastic addition in the line-up.

Samsung did not change the design and overall look of the piece compare the previous devices.

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You see the watch in two colors, black and blue. The firm and built of the watch ensures the military level firmness and durability. You can have it any condition, wear it for any activity in sport, it will never stop working and adding values to your life.

The watch is 50 meters waterproof and rated as one of the finest swimming watch ones can have in latest generation smartwatches.

The watch strap and changeable, one can swiftly change them to cater to the needs. Like, if you are going to hit the gym, you want a strap to adopt the conditions so that no harm could be done to it. Quickly change the strap, and get any comfortable strap of your desire.


Samsung has added many interesting specs and features to make it appealing. You see it packed with an impressive amount of gadgetry such as NFC, GPS, accelerometer, barometer, gyro, and ambient light sensor.

GPS is paramount for fitness freaks and NFC is still uncommon in smartwatches, but this is meant to add some value in your purchasing life. The Sport can be used to quickly pay using NFC with Samsung Pay.

What I Like The Most? 

You can use this watch to browse the internet, find interesting stuff over the Web and the tech embedded within the watch assist you to go through this. You can use this sports watch for controlling the presentation or tracking your daily activity.

This is a sports smartwatch and one cannot be completed without heart rate monitoring. Although you cannot monitor the heart rate too seriously, this is a reliable gadget and you can trust it more than the most around.

There are a WI-FI and Bluetooth; you are not required to connect it to the phone for data. This Samsung Sports Gear smartwatch is compatible with Android and iPhone operating system and you can have it connect to your iPhone and Android devices without any difficulty.

We are really hoping something groundbreaking in battery technology, and here as well, you must not hope groundbreaking battery inside. But, the battery life is better than most of the wearable around, it can easily go for 4-5 days with one charge.

  • Perfect looking watch
  • Vibrant display
  • Great battery life
  • Sturdy built
  • Bulk dimensions
  • S voice is poor
The Final Thought

Smartwatch are the future of watches. They are getting better and better with the advancement of technology. We have seen advance feature day by day.

This is the list of top five Smartwatches what we find the best products under the asked price range. We read reviews, beloved ratings and thoroughly checked each benchmark of the mentioned products. We ensure you that in at our extent; we really worked hard in coming up with these names. If you see some other products could make up to the list and deserves the place, feel free to tell us. We will happily edit the list, and love to include the deserved product.




  • Affordable
  • Latest design


  • Expensive

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