Best Security Cameras 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

by Cassius Green | Published 15 March 2019

Zosi 720p Cam


Zosi 1080p Cam

Blink XT Cam

Zosi 8CH Cam

5 Best Security Cameras Of 2019

For years, security cameras were only reserved for the wealthy businesses and fatty homeowners. In these days, technical advancement and online purchasing have given the commoners the option to purchase anything, anywhere in the world, moreover, with just a few taps. Now, the question arises, how a novice would purchase a best security camera with handy features

Why Buying a Best Security Camera is Tough?

One of the common reason is that, there is a wide range of options to choose from, and in addition to it, it takes the energy and time to actually stepping into the shops and analyzing security cameras features, specifications, and functions.

We have picked out a list of top 5 best security cameras reviews for your consideration, just have a birds-eye-view of these options and see what these top CCTV cameras have to offer.

1. ZOSI 720P HD 1280TVL – Amazon’s Choice 

It takes time for a hunt of the good quality camera with a tight budget in hand- a professional CCTV camera for home and business with a great range of features.

The manufacturers did quite a fantastic job in developing such a sturdy and weather resistant surveillance camera. The built-quality is great and effectively avoids ruts and bad weather on it. You throw every weather condition on it and see it emerged the winner every time.

Why Zozi?

ZOSI is a big brand and has a great range of security camera ranges in every price range. Whatever your capacity for purchasing a CCTV camera is, this brand never disappoints you. Here as well, in this cheapest price range, you house built in 24PCS, IR LEDs, with distance range up to 65 ft. This camera features lenses of 3.6 mm and renders quite clearer images and videos even in the dark ambiances.

If something has happened and recorded in the camera, you get peace of mind, the clearer results would definitely make you recognize the person.

The application developed by the ZOSI developers is something must count-in; this can be used widely in home, store, an officer at any place you want. You get quite impressive remote control options and even command the instructions with remote access using your voice.

Please be aware you are purchasing a 4 in one professional best security cameras, with 1/2.7 CMOS image sensor quality.  The advanced circuit designed, 1.0-megapixel resolution and image processing technologies are just icing on the cake.

The four built-in OSD menu changes the video output as per your demand and requirements among HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS.

I have seen people suffering in installing and setting up the camera in-door and out-door. Yes, you get no issue in getting this stuff installed; it is pretty easy to set up and notified any motion in the specified area.

  • Built-in dozens of cool features enhance the security options such as motion detection, noise detection, and others.
  • Various input and output options
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Comes in quite an affordable price range
  • Impeccable night vision due to the improved hardware specifications
  • Impressive built-quality
  • The brand should have crafted a detailed user manual
  • The motion detection capability needs serious attention

2. Amazon Cloud Security Camera – Best Selling 

We have seen that Amazon always prefer to enter into potential electronics gadget market. In the past decade, the home indoor security camera market is flourished and demands were just touching the high-sky. Amazon decided to come up with one of the best home security camera Amazon Cloud Cam Security. This camera, by all means, falls right on all criteria of a home security camera.

This comes with intelligent alerts features which notify the owner about the potential break-ins in business or home. To get the right use of this feature, one has to program it accordingly.

Best Part:

Amazon Cloud Cam comes with vivid 1080P HD live feed and free 24 hours storage. You can set the motion sensors and get a notification if some movements happen into the described areas within a specified span of time.

Over the years Amazon has been making some positive changes in this leading security camera. Such as you get the downloadable video clips with free plans. Before this a user had to purchase a subscription to store the live videos and downloading them in sizeable format was a pain in the neck.

You get the option to use any angle of the camera and install them by flipping and inverting orientation as per your perfect usage.

And to get the live feed on your computer, you use any browser and have all live video streaming before your eyes.

In a nutshell, it is an affordable choice and has easy to set up a system with free storage space.

  • Get Smart alerts with detecting a person’s audio as well
  • You get the ability to turn off night vision
  • Prompt motion notification
  • 24 hours of slip storage capacity
  • It takes time to set up motion detection
  • Too many notifications make you miss the important one

3. ZOSI 1080P HD 1920TVL  – Best Weatherproof Camera

Having the right camera installed in/out the home has become most important these days. Each day we see reports of broking into the homes and vanish every possible stuff.

Zosi 1080P HD 1920 TVL camera got every possible needed feature for home security. One thing I was touched upon, viewing the home using an application installed on my mobile phone. 

This best CCTV camera comes with a DVR, which means this features records and save the videos to the cloud storage in case you need to have a video for police.

Zosi may not be a big brand or name in security cameras world, or just does not have the right marketing team to market such amazing products.

Why Night Vision Function is Important?

Having a vivid night vision function in a security camera enhanced the security around. This Zosi product comes with 42 infrared LEDs and has the ability to capture any movement up to 110 feet at night.

The camera also features AGC and BLC to enhance the image quality and offers clear images in the end.

As the name mentions, the camera has a high 1080P Full HD resolution and ensures clear and bright images. The Built-in OSD can make you get the desired video outputs among HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS.

The ZOSI application management should be applauded as they have developed a mind-boggling application. I have seen people using the app to view the outer of the home, they may not know, they can get the right images sent to the email address, if use it rightly.

  • Weatherproof camera
  • You get the desired format of the videos and download them.
  • Night vision just gets the job done
  • 42 Infrared LEDs capable this gadget to capture motions up to 110 feet
  • It takes time to set up and make it compatible with the Android and iPhone devices
  • Remotely viewing often shows the offline issue

4. Blink XT Security Camera – Amazon Certified

For those who are hunting for a budget security camera, Blink XT home security camera system is one stop shop. This features dozens of advanced option and offers basic to advanced security needs.

You have no need to fork-out to get the system installed at your home, or a special security team for watchful eyes at your home. The system is quite self-explanatory, and anyone by just reading the user manual would install it without any big difficulty.

Blink XT allows you to connect up to 10 other blinks, quite a bigger network to offer customized security. This is a weatherproof camera and pretty useful for indoors and outdoors usage.

You are not required to pay through the nose for purchasing a premium subscription for the cloud, it comes with free cloud storage for the video storing and video data of your cameras.

This blink has a night vision functions, and you would get no issue in getting the activity recorded even at nights. In nights as well, the activity will be vivid as in days and you can enjoy the amazon echo feature as it can be operated remotely by using voice

There are dozens of other features what makes this product stands out in the crow, such as 2 standards AA battery, connects via Wi-Fi to the computer and much more.

And if one wanted to use the advance alert feature, get it programmed and receive an alert whenever something suspicious happens under the scanner.

  • Versatile functionality
  • Cloud storage option offers a good range to save the data directly without spending a penny
  • Totally wireless
  • Night vision function
  • Excellent battery life
  • Wi-Fi range could have been better than this
  • Family numb product compare to other enlisted

5. ZOSI 8CHBest Security Cameras

I have seen a sudden drop in the prices of HD TVI prices and now they are almost land at the same prices as Analog traditional cameras. The major breakthrough in the HD TVI technology came when the manufacturer started using traditional coaxial and CAT5 cabling.

With the passage of time, the security or surveillance cameras requirements have changed. 

Qualities of Zozi 8H:

Zosi 8CH Security camera system, by all means, is one of the best and most reliable systems.

This camera system is capable to deliver full HD resolution with a CMOS image sensor with 3.6 MMS lens.

It would be hard to imagine that a security camera system at this price range would offer one TB pre-installed hard drive. This ample amount of hard drive is pretty enough for storing the videos without any storage issue. You enjoy weeks of the continuous video and image recording and get them stored anywhere else after that.

This camera system comes with 100 ft. infrared lighting, which is quite effective in holding vivid footages in low light conditions.

The camera also features 36pcs IR-LED, this means this feature illuminates the camera field within the range and you get accurate captures.

ZOSI DVR makes you view the live videos at many screens, with advanced and customizable motion detection options.

Set the motion detection, and get the instant notification if something mysterious mobile at your property.

The camera system also features remote and local playback, which means the live videos will be accessible online and offline, whichever you choose to get the footage right.

The camera houses weatherproof features, you get a continuous, disturbance-free recording in all weather conditions without any halt.

  • Clear resolution in nights and days equally
  • Easy to set up and install
  • 1TB in-built video storage disk
  • Affordable
  • Built-in HD-TVI technology
  • Terrible customer care services
  • It takes time to grasp and understand the entire system
  • Application’s poor review

The Final Thought:

We spend hours in searching for enlisted products. It took time and energy to finally come up with the mentioned list. We read reviews, behold ratings and witnessed the suggestions before the final call of penning down the products. If you see some other security camera could have placed, please show-up with the names and solid reasons.

In our capacity, we took the views of experts and can assure one cannot grab better products in this price range.

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